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Sandy Feet Vacations is connecting vacationers with cheap and expensive hotels in Costa Rica accomodating almost any type of traveler. With a full booking engine customer accounts that allow them to list Real Estate for free and review their reservations and account information at anytime it is easy to see why Sandy Feet Vacations is becoming one of the premier resources for hotels and travelers alike.
Beatrice Classic Auto is using our web catalog application to update their changing selection of vehicles offered.  After logging in they are able to manage all listings on their web site for customers around the world.  Simply by filling out a form and uploading the image of the vehicle they are able to allow the visitors to browse their most current sales.
FileNet Corp. is a multi-national corporation with 80 of the top fortune 100 business as their clients.  Specializing in Document Manangement and Image Services FileNet Corp. allows companies to make better decisions faster.  By facilitating internal communication between departments anywhere around the world and on demand access to central repositories of information FileNet Corp. is allowing individuals to make informed decisions about current situations.
HeatSource 1 manufactures resourceful wood burning furnaces that are able to heat your home or building with a minumum of waste.  For individuals that are in sparsely populated areas of the world and would like to conserve as much as possible but still enjoy modern temperature control their products are ideal.  HeatSource 1 offers various accessories and furnace models to choose from.

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