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Web Solutions

 Software Kinetics Business Services

Web Solutions
The importance of having a web presence is essential for a business in today's global economy.  The internet has given us the ability to provide information or a service in the same way to an individual in the same building or anywhere around the world.  Software Kinetics provides Web Services that will get you started for the first time on internet or build on an already established business.  We are able to accomplish your goals through superior analysis, design, and development.  By understanding your business goals we are able plan specific project requirements and reliably meet your expectations. more ->

Software Solutions
To have a program designed and developed can be a large task.  Developing and testing in a growing number of programming languages and operating systems is becomming a larger task as more and more business switch platforms for cost or efectiveness.  Using Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns in the Java language Software Kinetics is able to develop software solutions that are non-platform specific, contain extendable components for future enhancements, and have the ability to be networked to a database or multiple computers in your business network. more ->

Graphic Design Solutions
Top quality graphic designers our needed to assure proper response to any client or partner communication.  Whatever the requirements are such as designing the look and feel for your web site, web banner advertisements, company brochures, web graphics, or email campaigns Software Kinetics will be able to help you realize your goals. more ->

Marketing Solutions
Attracting new customers to your business and creating revenue is an intergral part of any business.  Software Kinetics can provide your business with search engine management, web advertising, email campaigns, site analysis reports, and branding.  Although these services do not directly increase revenue, they are proven tools to increase awareness and interest which translate to revenue if the marketing has been targeted properly. more ->

Wireless Solutions
As cellular technology grows, a new on demand mobile marketplace is emerging.  More people are demanding more services through their wireless devices.  Connecting to the internet through a wireless device to download mobile application, simply informational purposes, or to conduct Mobile Commerce is becoming commenplace in today society.  Utilizing J2ME technology it is now possible to connect wireless users to a company database for business information on the go or store data locally in a wireless application and upload the data to a central repository once a connection can be made. more ->

Providing the possibility for visitors to purchase your companies products online opens the door to your global business.  With our e-commerce solution allow visitors to your online business to purchase your products without any interaction from a sales representitive 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  After payment arrangements have been authorized a transfer can be made using various methods deposit. more ->

Many web sites provide information that can be used by visitors from multiple countries.   For this reason Software Kinetics currently provides translation services for Spanish to English or English to Spanish.   If your web site requires additional language translation we are able to facilitate this service using our list of trusted and proven translation companies. more ->