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 Software Kinetics Web Solutions

Software Kinetics has many different Web Solution options to accomplish any task that our clients require.   Building a new business web site, intranet, extranet, analysing traffic on a current site, web marketing, brand look & feel updates, web advertising, database management, or revising a current sites architecture we have the ability to accomplish your task.  Using the most appropriate technology for your requirements and design patterns we are able to product results that are both extendable and reusable.

Custom Web Site Development
Developing an online presence that suits your requirements with the appropriate technologies is our goal.   Whatever your requirements are we have the ability to provide a solution.  Software Kinetics offers various starter packages for small business, custom web development, and web site matinenance packages for all the minor updates and changes that you require throughout the year.  All of the packages that we offer are a complete cost for one year.  We also offer web hosting and Domain Name Registration at a very reasonable price.  To show our appreciation for being one of our customers we will reduce the price of your web hosting cost $5 USD every year that your web site is hosted with us.

Our Basic Small Business Starter Package is for businesses that have a limited budget but realize the importance and cost savings of providing information to their clients through the internet. This package is a nominal one time fee of $250 USD allowing you to provide your company information globally and locally at with on cost.  For more details click here.

Our Advanced Small Business Starter Package provides full custom web design look and feel, web hosting, and domain name registration, everything your business requires to for the first year included in one nominal price of $400.  For more details click here.

We also offer the Basic E-commerce Business Package for individuals interested in performing product sales transactions online and in a global marketplace.   Our Basic E-commerce Package will get you started doing sales online and allow you to add products to your web catalog, and make updates and enhancements to portions of your web site through the secure administration panel.  This package is a one time fee of $500 USD.  For more details click here.

Whether you requirements call for Custom Web Development on an already established web site / web application or you are looking for a company that can give you a quality web presence at an affordable price Software Kinetics has can help!

Brand Look and Feel
Building a brand with your business is very important.  Your clients should be to be able to recognize your logo and your business from the sea of competitors in your market.  At a minumum the look and feel of a web site should be updated every two years to keep visitors interested and visually display that the company is active on the internet.  For individuals outside of the city where your business is located, the web site of your business is the only representation of your company. For that reason it is of growing importance that the online brand of your company be managed appropriately.  There are many ways to increase traffic and interest.  Contact us about your specific interest today!

Site Design Architecture
Creating small enhancements for large web sites can become a very large and costly task if the correct site architecture is not followed when development is done.  Using design patterns that meet your requirements Software Kinetics is able to limit the time and cost of future updates and enhancments to your site.  While you might already have a web presence your developers might be spending countless hours of extra work making site wide changes or creating work arounds for new applications.   Software Kinetics can analize your current site architecture, create a site map, and re-orginize all of the code in a more cohesive manner.  This allows you to have the most flexibility in the future when making updates.  The structure of the web site affects several groups in your orginization such as Marketing, Information Technology, Advertising, and Customers most of all.  If techology is holding these departments back from developing projects that allow your customers to attain the best experience from your web site, it is possible a redesign would be a wise path to follow.

Database Management
Intergrating web applications with internal or external databases can save thousands of hours of employee time by automating processes which would otherwise need to be performed manually.   Whether your company requires Document Management, Online Product Catalogs, Archival and Retrieval of Contact information, or various other solutions we will be able to help increase your internal proficiancy and ability to provide products and services to the customer all through the use of databases.  

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Web Technologies:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • J2SE (Java 2 Standard Edition)
  • J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition)
  • JSP (Java Server Pages)
  • Java Servlets
  • EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)
  • JDBC
  • ASP (Active Server Pages)
  • SQL